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Facebook Marketing Tips by Louise Mc Donnell
19 Feb 2014

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and we will refer to it as SEO throughout the blog.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) aims to get your website to the top of the Search Engine Results Page (Organic Results – or non paid for results) (SERP) for the most relevant keyword searches

Focusing on the most relevant phrases, will generate the best return. The more exact the phrase, often referred to as a “long tail search”, the more likely the visitor to your website will be converted into a customer. For example a person who searches for “buy brown ladies boots size 6” is closer to the moment of purchase intent than the person who searches for “boots”.

Now a search engine’s results page very frequently looks something like this.

We’ve searched here for “marketing company sligo” in Google.

Ads vs Organic

At the top you’ll see ads – Google labels these – ads related to “marketing company sligo”. They will have a slightly pink background & these are search ads that you can buy through Google’s AdWords to appear in the top spot for specific keyword phrases. This is traditionally called PPC or pay per click search engine marketing.


Next we see what’s referred to as the organic or natural search results. SEO is all about influencing these natural, organic search results to earn more traffic from them. Focusing on optimising your website for the most relevant phrases, will generate the best return.

A number 1 position in Google’s search results receives 18.2% of all click-through traffic. The second position receives 10.1%, the third 7.2%, the fourth 4.8%, and all others are under 2%.

The total average Click Through Rate (CTR) for first ten results was 52.32% for Google and 26.32% for Bing. Being listed at the top of the results not only provides the greatest amount of traffic, but instils trust in consumers in your brand.

So how do you get to the top of the Organic Search Results

Call 2Market…. Some light humour thrown in there, but if you want the job to be done correctly we recommend seeking the advice of a professional SEO Expert.

There are many other elements to consider other than just researching keywords and placing them into your website HTML. Google are constantly updating their algorithm on how they choose which websites will rank highly in Search Engine Results.

2Market offer a service called 2M-SEO that researches the Top Keywords relevant to your business and reports how your website performs in Google, Bing & Yahoo.

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