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Facebook Marketing Tips by Louise Mc Donnell
6 Sep 2017

From social welfare to social media phenomenon

I really enjoyed my chat with Samantha Kelly.  Samantha is a social media strategist, speaker and trainer.  She is also the co-founder of the Social Media Summit Ireland and the Women’s Inspire Network.

Samantha Kelly tells us how she started using social media to market her first company when she was a lone parent on social welfare. In time she developed such an expertise that she started helping other small businesses build brand awareness using Twitter.

During the show Samantha gave some great tips for any business considering using Twitter as marketing tool:

  • Find out if your customers are using Twitter.  If they are then you could consider using it too
  • Follow relevant accounts
  • Choose a Twitter handle what will stand out
  • Explain what you do and how you can add value in your bio
  • Link to your website
  • Don’t link your Facebook and Twitter accounts….
  • Avoid DM’s – It’s better to thank people to publicly
  • Use a good profile picture – remember people buy from people
  • Publish good content
  • Start talking to like-minded people.  If someone likes you, knows you and trusts you…they are more likely to help you!
  • Build relationships with customers and potential customers
  • Move conversations offline (in the real world!) to take relationships established on Twitter to the next level.
  • Use Twitter to reach out to influencers and the media
  • 9-11pm is the busiest time…. Get tweeting…     we even joined #BelfastHour live from the show!
  • Have fun!

Check out Samantha’s Twitter training course and the Women Inspire Network

Watch a replay of the show here….

Tonight’s guest on Social Chat with Louise is Samantha Kelly a.k.a as the Tweeting Goddess. Samantha has founded the Womens inspire network – #WIN, Social Media Summit Ireland and is a global speaker and expert on Twitter. Thanks Samantha for all the fab tips and advice on how to grow your brand on social!

Posted by Louise McDonnell on Thursday, July 13, 2017

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