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Facebook Marketing Tips by Louise Mc Donnell
27 May 2014

The 80/20 Rule

Do you follow The 80/20 Rule with your Facebook posting strategy?

It simply comes down to this: use just 20% of your content to promote your products and services, and dedicate 80% to content that really interests your audience and engages them in conversations.

Because people use social media to be social, they don’t always want to be subjected to your online sales pitches. Always make it about building relationships and engaging with your audience, rather than annoying your audience with irrelevant content and boosting your own image.

Here’s how you should apply ‘The 80/20 Rule’:

20% of posts should be Selling & boosting your brand image: Include Persuasive Call-to-Actions

When working on the 20% of content that deals with your brand and selling your products and services, also include information that benefits your audience.  Make sure you integrate a persuasive call-to-action that inspires your audience such as asking a question, post interesting stats or facts, give a discount code or a special offer. You want to inspire your audience to want to learn more about your company such as a link to your website, a link to your you tube channel etc.

80% of Other ‘Interesting Content’: Make it Shareable

80% of your social media content should be interesting & engaging content that really caters to the interests and needs of your audience. It supports your thinking, your interests and shows that you are passionate about your business and what is going on in the industry. Think about inspirational quotes, links to news, questions, etc.

Think of it like this, if you post 5 times a week, only 1 post should be sales pitches and the other 4 posts are lighthearted, engaging and conversational.  And remember all posts will keep your brand top of mind – just don’t bore your audience by “selling” all the time!

You simply look for content that appeals to your audience and share it on your social channels. Think outside the box.

In short, if a brand focuses too much on itself within social media as a means for boosting sales, its audience will immediately see through it and will start to lose interest very quickly. You want to make fans look forward to seeing your next post, share your posts, comment or start conversations.

Please share this blog post on your social media sites and as always let us know your thoughts on The 80/20 Rule.

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