Louise McDonnell.
Social Media Marketing Keynote Speaker.

An award-winning social media trainer and strategist, Louise McDonnell has worked in the digital space since the early 1990s.

She is the founder of SellOnSocial.Media, a digital marketing agency with two divisions. The Agency services are for businesses and non-profits that wish to outsource their social media and digital marketing requirements. The Training Academy is for businesses that want to learn how to use Social Media as a sales and marketing tool. There are currently 250 members from every corner of the globe who benefit from monthly training sessions, a library of over 40 social media training videos, and other one-to-one supports.

Louise has worked with over 20,000 students online and in-person in the past ten years alone, training them quickly and effectively to leverage the power of social media to increase conversions and grow customer numbers, using both organic and paid content.

She is a best-selling author of Facebook Marketing, The Essential Guide and an annual Social Media Planner & Guide, used by thousands of businesses to manage occasions-based social and digital media marketing performance.

The Social Media Academy uses Louise McDonnell’s signature ‘Six-Step System’, training individuals and organisations in a simple process-driven system that produces quantifiable results in just weeks.

She works with businesses, government enterprise development agencies, and non-profits to leverage social media to drive growth by achieving precise communications objectives and practical, ROI-focused solutions that are quick and easy to implement.

The social media marketing strategist is also a keynote speaker, vastly experienced in energising and inspiring local and global audiences in both major convention settings and bespoke in-house seminars.  As a speaker, she has engaged audiences at events all over the world, from the INNOWAVE Summit Bulgaria to Livestream Universe, The Social Selling Summit, Mari Smith & Wave.Video Facebook & Instagram Video Ads Academy, the Social Media Summit Ireland, Digital West Summit, the Women Inspire Nation Conference, and the Irish Wedding Association Conference.

Anytime anyone asks me who to recommend forFacebook and Instagram I always recommend Louise as she knows the platforminside out! She is top of her game. Louise has spoken at many big conferencesthat I have been involved in and she always delivers in a professional mannerwhilst explaining it in a way people like myself even understand!

Samantha Kelly AKA

@Tweetinggoddess and Founder of the global Women's inspire network