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Facebook Marketing Tips by Louise Mc Donnell
22 Jun 2016

When to merge facebook pages

I regularly meet business owners that have more than one account for their business on Facebook.

If at any stage you or someone in your organisation set up a profile or friend page for your business, you are in breach of Facebook’s terms of use and this page can be shut down at any time.   On Facebook people have “friends” and business pages have “likes”.  So if your business has “friends” then this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

The most common problems I encounter are:

Businesses that have an old profile (friend) page with the same or a similar name to a new Facebook business page that they are using.   This old profile page is obsolete but may have a few hundred or sometimes a few thousand Facebook “friends”.   These connections are very valuable and need not be lost to the organisation.

Other businesses have obsolete friend pages for their businesses but still use this account to administer their Facebook business page.    This issue here is that if Facebook shut down the businesses old friend page, and there are no other administrators set up for the business page, then there is no way to update the page or to set up new page administrators.

Combine Facebook Pages

There is a solution!  It is possible to convert a business profile (friend) page to a business  page.  Check out my blog “Convert a Facebook Profile Page to a Business Page” for step by step instructions on how this can be done.

Once a page has been converted you can merge it with your current business page so you end up with one Facebook page for your business.

Merging Pages combines all your likes and check-ins, but all other content from the Page(s) with the fewer likes, such as wall posts, photos and its username, will be permanently deleted. Content on the Page with more likes will remain unchanged, except for the addition of likes and check-ins added from the Page with fewer likes.

The Page with fewer likes will be removed from Facebook and you will not be able to unmerge it.

Combine Facebook Accounts

To merge Facebook pages you need to be an administrator of both pages.  The pages must appear very similar in terms of setup.  So make sure the page name, address, telephone, email address, short description, long description, category, subcategory fields are as similar as possible.

You will find the option to merge under the general page settings.
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