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Social Academy

Here’s a look inside Social Academy

Sign up to “Social Academy” and start benefiting from a library of online Facebook Marketing video tutorials today. I have published a series of eight courses that follow the structure of my book, “Facebook Marketing”. The courses will assist Facebook users at every level.

Four reasons to join up today!


  1. Members benefit from unlimited access to seven courses with 25 tutorials.
    • Facebook marketing – getting started
    • Understanding page setup
    • Customer analysis and profiling
    • Content marketing on Facebook
    • How to brand your Facebook page
    • Improving organic reach of posts
    • Introduction to Facebook Ads
  2. New videos will be released on an ongoing basis in response to changes and new features on Facebook.
  3. Members also benefit from exclusive updates and LIVE broadcasts on a private Facebook group.
  4. Special bonus!!  New members benefit from a free 15 minute online consultation.  During this session I will review your page, give you feedback on your current posting and make recommendations to help you improve.
Monthly Subscription
Come join my SocialAcademy membership site and start benefiting from my library to Facebook Marketing video tutorials.  You will have unlimited access to all modules. There is no contract and you can cancel your subscription anytime.
Annual Subscription
Take out an annual subscription to SocialAcademy and benefit from a 45% discount.  That's a saving of €160.88
Facebook Content Marketing 2018
Pay once! Gain unlimited access to my 2 hour "Content Marketing for Facebook" online training tutorial. Here's the outline of what you will learn
  • 4 Factors which influences what appears in the newsfeed
  • 4 Lessons learned from my analysis of 30 business pages
  • 8 Steps to create a social media strategy for Facebook
  • 5 different categories of customers and how this relates to the customer journey
  • Producing content for each stage of the sale funnel
  • 9 Ways to maximise organic reach
  • 6 practices that don't work and will negatively impact on your page
  • 10 things to absolutely AVOID
You will also benefit from a free 14 page workbook that you can use throughout the webinar and as a useful resource afterwards. This training will help you
  • save time by having a clear posting strategy
  • come up with better ideas for content
  • improve consistency
  • build brand awareness
  • improve organic reach
Video Marketing on Facebook
If you want to achieve success in social media marketing, it is essential that you integrate video marketing into your strategy. This course takes you through every step you need to know to start creating video content and using it as part of your ads strategy. There are 10 modules in this course that cover:
  1. Introduction to video marketing - why video marketing needs to be part of your strategy (11 mins)
  2. Integrating video marketing into your content marketing strategy - Ideas for video content you should be creating (20 mins)
  3. Four different types of video to start creating (12 mins)
  4. Shooting a video using a smartphone (22 mins)
  5. Editing video and introduction to FilmoraGo (7 mins)
  6. Creating a video using FilmoraGo
  7. Native video on Facebook (14 mins)
  8. Maximising Facebook Live broadcasts (13 mins)
  9. How to create audiences of video views in Facebook Ads Manager (10 mins)
  10. How to interpret video Stats on Facebook (6 mins)