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Is Facebook for every business?

Facebook Marketing Tips from Louise Mc Donnell
23 Sep 2016

Is Facebook for every business?

No.  It does not suit every business.  It really depends on your customers.  Do they use Facebook and can you use Facebook to get your brand in front of them?

If you manufacture spare parts for the automotive industry and your customers are a handful of car manufacturers around  the world, then I would say Facebook is not a platform to consider as a marketing tool for your business.  But if your customers use Facebook then you should consider integrating Facebook into your marketing strategy.

Facebook works for both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer).  Some businesses will find marketing themselves easier on Facebook than others. It really depends on how open your customers are to “hearing” about you and of course how good your efforts are.

The key to having a successful Facebook business page centres around

  • Knowing who your customer is
  • Understanding their needs and motivations
  • Publishing content that resonates with your customers
  • Using Facebook as a means of minding customers that you exist
  • Building relationships with customers and potential customers

Remember customers will buy from you when they are ready to buy NOT when you are ready to sell. Just because you have a special offer to push out to them does not mean that they have a requirement for that product or service at that moment.  Rather than seeing Facebook as a place to push one sales post after another to potential customers, consider it as a place where you can remind customers and potential customers that you exist. So that when the have a requirement for what you sell that they think of you.

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