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Facebook Marketing Tips by Louise Mc Donnell
14 Aug 2015

Google starts to penalise non mobile friendly websites

Performing well in Google is nearly more important than having a good website.  After all, if you have a really good website but it doesn’t perform well in Google – then the traffic will be so low to your site it will be ineffective as a marketing tool.  Businesses need to perform well for searches for products and services they sell rather than just their business name.  If someone googles your business name, chances are they know you.   Whereas if someone searches for what you sell, they are looking to do business and they don’t necessarily know what company they will purchase from.

On the 21st of April last, Google announced that they were rolling out a mobile friendly update.  From this date onwards websites that are not mobile friendly will begin to slip down the google rankings for mobile searches..  Websites that are mobile friendly will benefit from higher rankings and more search traffic.

Websites are deemed to be mobile friendly if text is readable without tapping or zooming, links  are spaced appropriately and it avoids unplayable content or horizontal scrolling.

According to Google, this update affects only search rankings on mobile devices.  So if people are more likely to search for your products and services using a mobile device – then this could have serious consequences for your business.   Consider also that  over 60% of the Irish population has a smart phone, which must translate into billions of searches every year.

The update applies to individual pages on a website not the site in its entirety.   Google has even made it easy to check if your website is considered mobile friendly by providing a mobile friendly test.  You can also get your web developer to check the status of your site using webmaster tools.

If you’re website is a few years old, the chances are it’s not mobile friendly.  Now would be a good time to upgrade your entire site.  Check out our web design packages:)  And remember what makes us different is that we are SEO (search engine optimisation) experts that design websites.  We’ll get you found on Google for all searches.

If you have a relatively new website that is failing the Google mobile test,  your web developer may be able to “turn on” the mobile site functionality for your website.     Even responsive sites that look well on a mobile device can fail the test if the text is too small or the links are too close together.

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