Free Online Image Editors

Apr 29, 2015

Desktop/Laptop Picture Editors

A free online design tool, that’s extremely easy to use and helps you to create stunning designs for web or print.
Canva offer many free backgrounds, layouts, fonts, photo editing tools etc but there are also some PRO options that you may have to pay to use, but they are only around $1 to purchase.
I like to use my own imagery and background designs to create funky design images to use on blogs, social media etc.


Pic Monkey is a free online photo editor that offers photo filters, effects, fonts, overlays, and collage features.
PicMonkey is free to use, but they also have Pic Monkey Royale, which gives you further access to more fonts, editing tools for just $4.99 a month.


Smartphone Picture Editing Apps


Instacollage is a collage editor designed to create collage images ideally for Instagram (as they only offer a square shape outline. You can insert multiple images and create one photo to share across you social media sites. Instacollage offer a number of editors, filters, text, fonts etc to make your collage super slick.


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