Convert a Facebook profile page to a business page

May 28, 2014

Here is a quick guide on how to convert a Facebook Profile Page to a Facebook Business Page.

It is a breach of Facebook Terms to operate a business under a Facebook Profile Page, Facebook can penalise you and remove your page completely without warning. Migrate your page today before it’s too late.

Things to note before the migration:

a.  Your “friends” will convert into fans automatically

b.  Your new business page will be blank. Your posts will NOT be saved on the new Business Page, so ensure to download all of your data before you perform the migration (see below).

1. Downloading Your Profile Page Information

You can download your information from the Account Settings page.

1.    Click the account menu button at the top right of any Facebook page
2.    Choose Account Settings
3.    Click on “Download a copy of your Facebook data”
4.    Click Start My Archive.

Because this download contains your timeline information, you should keep it secure and be careful when storing, sending or uploading it to any other services.

When you download your information, Facebook require you to confirm your identity before you can complete the process.

First Facebook sends an email to the email address that’s listed on your Facebook account to ensure that you initiated the process. Once you receive the email, you will have to re-enter your password.

When you download your information your file will include:

•    Your timeline information (ex: your contact information, interests, groups)
•    Content that you and your friends have posted to your timeline
•    Photos and videos that you have uploaded to your account
•    Your friend list
•    Notes you have created
•    Events to which you have RSVP’d
•    Your sent and received messages
•    Any comments that you and your friends have made on your timeline posts, photos, and other timeline content

2. How to convert your profile page into a business page

Once you have downloaded your information from your profile page, you are now ready to convert to a business page.

When you convert your personal account to a Facebook Page, Facebook transfer your current profile picture and add all your friends and subscribers as people who like your Page. (Fans)

Facebook will also make your account’s username the username for your Page.

No other content will be carried over to your new Page, so be sure to save any important content before beginning the conversion. (This is what the download is for)

You will still be able to log in from your original email address and password.

1. Go to
2. Select your business category
3. Fill In Your relevant information about your business (i.e. Address, Phone Number, Email) and agree to the facebook terms & conditions
4. Facebook will require you to type in your password that you use for this profile page

NOTE: (Facebook may require documentation that states your name as proof of your business, you will need to scan this documentation and attach it.)

Your Facebook page is now a business page, and all your “friends” have converted to “fans”

3. Appoint a Page Administrator

1. Now that you have a Facebook Business Page, you must appoint Administrators to that page.
An administrator is someone that has a personal profile page set up on Facebook that will have full rights to edit & update the Facebook Business Page.

(Note: If you don’t have a personal profile page to act as an administrator at this step, you will need to create one. Go to and click “Sign Up”)

2. On the Business Page Admin Panel click the Tab “Edit Page” and select “Manage Admin Roles” from the dropdown

(On New Facebook Layout – Click the “Settings” Tab > Click “Page Roles”)

3. Type in the email address of the person you wish to make an administrator into the “Specify an Email Address” Field

4. Select “Manager” from the dropdown directly underneath

5. Click “Save

6. Facebook will then ask you to type in your Facebook Password

4. Access Your New Business Page

To access your business page from now on, you will log in through your own personal profile login details

  1. Click on the arrow at the top right of the page
  2. A dropdown will appear showing the business pages you are an administrator of.
  3. Click on the page you wish to manage

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