5 easy ways to grow your Facebook likes

Apr 9, 2015

So you’ve decided to use Facebook as a marketing tool but you’re not too sure how to grow your fan base (page likes).  Here are five tips that will help you.

#1.  Be found in Google for relevant searches

SEO Your Page – sounds too technical….well in fact, it’s not at all.   Ensure that you include keyword phrases relevant to your business in the short description and long description, categories and subcategories.  In fact, the subcategory field is quite important and this field will only appear when you fill out an address that Facebook recognises.  Google also uses your address to indexing your Facebook page for relevant searches.

#2.   Invite your friends, family and loyal customers to like your page

Invite your friends, family and loyal customers to like your page and encourage them to interact with your posts.  If you’re starting out – your friends and family will be the your first supporters.  In fact – isn’t this what happens in the real world?  Remember, Facebook is a social network, people use Facebook to connect with their friends and family.  So use this to your advantage.  This is how the power of word of mouth can assist you on Facebook.  When I started my page I asked my friends and family to help me get to 100 likes in the first week.  And it worked!  Not only that, I picked up lots of new clients from businesses that were in some way connected to my contacts.

#3.  Content is king!

So don’t roll your eyes on this point…..content IS king…..if you want your page to succeed you need to share really good content.  This can be in the form of breaking news, tips, advice, unique images, unique videos, inspirational quotes, memes, quizzes, jokes.  Obviously every business is different – so you need to think of what content will appeal to your customers.  And then, you need to work at publishing that content consistently.  A content calendar is essential to achieve this.

#4.  Engagement is Queen!

Okay – so I made that one up myself (the Queen bit)…  But I cannot stress enough how IMPORTANT engagement is on Facebook.  You need to get your fans to like, comment, click or share your posts.    If they don’t, Facebook will assume that that your fans aren’t interested in your posts and will stop displaying them in their newsfeeds.  And that’s never good.  If this happens the reach of your page will diminish over time.  And you will end up paying for sponsored posts to get any decent visibility for your page.  If you want your page to have a good organic (non-paid for) reach – then your content needs to be good and you need to encourage engagement.

#5.  Use Facebook Ads

Augment the organic reach of your page with Facebook Ads.  Sponsored posts are a really targeted and cost effective way of reaching your fan base.  You shouldn’t need to boost every post – just the posts where you are trying to sell something.  For as little as €5 you can ensure that your posts are seen.  Again the quality of your content and how you have encouraged engagement is still important.

So what are you waiting for!   If you thought this blog was useful (good content ;)) why not share it across your social media channels (that’s my call to engagement)?

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