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PREORDER 2 COMPRESSEDMy new book, “Facebook marketing, the essential guide for Irish organisations” (published by The Liffey Press) will be available to purchase at the end of September!  Signed copies of the book will be on sale here as well as all leading book stores across Ireland.  If you would like to receive an email notification of when the book is available to purchase please complete the form below.

About my book

My book tackles issues that small business owners and community groups face when using Facebook as a marketing tool. In my experience of meeting small businesses through my training and coaching work I find that there is a high level of confusion among mall business owners when it comes to using Facebook as a marketing tool. Many businesses have set up their Facebook accounts incorrectly and risk having their accounts shut down by Facebook. Others run into security problems by all sharing the same log on details. Others don’t know what to post about or are totally lost when it comes to using Facebook Ads. Many have completed Facebook training courses in the past but haven’t been able to apply the learning. Many businesses have a basic understanding of what they need to do but are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

In my work as a trainer and coach I have worked with over 2000 small businesses; hairdressers, butchers, beauticians, fashion outlets, insurance brokers etc. I know and understand the issues small businesses face.

This book is for business owners and managers who want be become more effective at Facebook marketing. Whether you are complete beginner or have been using Facebook for a while with some success, this book will enable you to maximise the results you get from Facebook.

The book will help businesses in the following areas:

  • Gain an understanding of the architecture of Facebook
  • Get clear instruction on how businesses should set up business pages and create page administrators
  • A comprehensive explanation of page settings
  • How to carry our customer analysis and profiling
  • How to come up with compelling content for business pages
  • A guide on how to craft content that encourages engagement
  • How to represent brands on Facebook
  • A guide to using Facebook Ads

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